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post apocalyptic girl post apocalyptic girl

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have you read the book annihilation x by any chance?

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Giedrius responds:

No.Is it good? I assume it's about something similar to what I've drawn here? :D

Dragon Dragon

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good job! would be nice to see it in a pose. looks really nice! have you tried bringing it into keyshot/photoshop? :D

jaschieffer responds:

Thanks yeah I'm excited to see him posed too. I haven't tried yet, but when I get him fully textured in Quixel or Substance I will render him out nicely.

smile smile

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i would love to make a 3d redition of you're work, there all so good. you have such a great style. keep it up :)

Guess I'm a hero,now Guess I'm a hero,now

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this is awsome!

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ThePsychoSheep responds:

Thanks,mate :D

Freedom Freedom

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you are awsome.

*0* *0*

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really nice. i love your style, quite grungy. a word to the wise; no one can draw how they want to :P this is really good! keep it up :)

Shanty Town Shanty Town

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This is so beautiful! i love your style! im trying to learn matte painting at the mo and this kinda reminds me of Feng Zhu, you should look him up! think he'd be really inspirational for you :)

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1600 responds:

Thanks! I'm often inspired by Feng Zhu actually

blunpurphair blunpurphair

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good stuff :D

Dessert Dessert

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Pressure Suit Pressure Suit

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i dont belive you!

mematron responds:

As LaVar Burton says in "Reading Rainbow", "You don't have to take my word for it."

This is the kind of stuff that you get when you hang around the Star Trek art department. This was made in 1996.